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Today is St. Patrick’s Day, but here in the Barrio
there’s little green to see—
green is the color of money
there’s precious little of that, here,
this being the world of Section 8 housing
and odd, dull-looking dogs with such powerful jaws
one simply moves to the other side of the street.
Nevertheless, there’s color:
there’s the red and blue of the triangular flag;
there’s the silver moon of the trashcan lid
and the gold of the real moon;
there’s the azure pulse of the congas;
there’s the yellow of the yellow cabs
speeding down avenue to the next light;
there’s the glint of Mars, so pink, and a share
of frantically blinking, left-over Christmas lights:
electrical ADD. But green, you go downtown for that,
amidst smiling youth, arms linked.
There, you’ll see green aplenty, seas of it—
in the subways, on the buses,
a sweater, here, a skirt, there, a scarf, a tam,
the furtive lining of a necktie.
But, here in the Barrio don’t look for it
or for that famous parade.
Green is the color of money—
there’s precious little of that, here.


  Robert Dickerson__

A Fairy Tail

It was like in Cinderella—
A bag-lady became a fairy god-mother
A green cab became a white stretch limo
A diet coke became a champagne split
A two-star bistro became a French auberge
Fifty became forty. Thirty became twenty.
One murky star became a shiny moon
And four in the morning became straight-up midnight.

  Robert Dickerson__

            © Bob Heman: untitled collage oct 2019


Lovely new, good mood
you visit me like a floppy cloud
filled with warm rain
blown to land’s end
and halfway back.

Tumulus of cumulous, off-lit,
squarish in my mind you sit
unpeeled like an orange,
golds suffusing blues,
vanishing, twinkling into view—
like a chunk of dry ice
you sublime by your own rules.

New and presently blue
you leap for the sun like Pegasus—
yet bit by bit, you’ll go,
this I know is true—
for no one can hold you
when your cords undo

and off you’ll go
like a helium balloon to the moon
to whom you’re elated
to be distantly related.

  Robert Dickerson__