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Wednesday, Nov. 1: Dia de los Muertos

the last thing i heard pedro say
in dim light from his bronx bed was
i'll call you

the last thing i heard steve c. say
over the phone was i'm in pain--
call me tomorrow

the last thing i heard dalachinsky say
in the garden was i'm gonna listen
to the music

i don't remember the last thing my mother or father said.
the last thing noah says over my cell is i just wanted
to hear your voice

11/1/19: 3:31 pm

  eve packer__

sketch for luring a 'slave' (2)
"ms. mack " told her 'now go be a good slave.'
(nyt.6.8.19: A10)

this is albany, new york
2019--this is not
daenarys freeing the slaves
season 3 of GO.T., and that's
a fantasy--or so they say, this is new york,
our mega-meta progressive state--

ms. mack, an actress, on 'smallville'
going thru a 'rough patch' hooks up w/
keith raniere the founder of Nxivm--
("pronounced nex--ee--um")
a "self-help group" as she is feeling
low and so is nicole who she recruits--

masters and slaves--by choice--
where are we--
the mind, my mind, what there is of it,
not so much boggles, as folds,
and sails a paper airplane
thru air to

where to alight?

sat, 6/8/19: 4:15 pm

  eve packer__

the man

who lives
in the carboard boxes
neatly placed end to end,
is tall--
at about 3:30 or 4,
you can see him emerge,
pack up the boxes
into a black plastic bag--
he will stand
under the building's green shed,
lean on beige brick wall, asian, black hair,
dressed all in black, and smoke
a cigarette, or talk softly
to himself, gesture--he does not
smell, then he moves east, carrying
his stuff, past the AIDS park, near
the subway--earbuds on,
grooving to the beat

wed, 5/29/19: 3:31 pm

  eve packer__