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You sleep already in the garden of soft white flowers,
Moist with dew,
Where the butterflies spread their golden dust
Of eternal light

I close my eyes blinded with tears
I remember your delicate feline figure reclined near the fairy ring
On the porch, relishing the peaceful, quiet morning
Such perfect, indelible image

Today you have left, but you live in me:
In my dreams and visions, cosmogonies of other time,
In the memory of the heart, so deep and tender,
Now in despair.

Sabrina, guide me on this my lonely path
I´ll meet you in the garden of soft white flowers
Where existence is filled with eternal light.

                          Lea Díaz__


                        Griselda, Dream Butterfly
                        for Griselda, my little niece

It is as if you did not belong to this world
Angel of the dawn, baby butterfly of dream and fantasy
Fluttering, flying high towards the Sun, King of stars
Returning blessed with gifts

Your gilded wings dispel the gloom and the shadow
Snow-white roses in your pearly face
The frost of nacre covers
The waste lands beyond the indigo horizon
Immaculate winter landscape
Like you, so delicate, so pure

Transparent eyes full of life
Mirror of azure hydrangeas
Brook of limpid, intact waters
Where lethargic souls quench the thirst

Laughters reverberate in the house
The festive sound of toys, tiny steps
And something revives in my languid heart
Which today is beating with a vital new pulse

It is as if you have changed my world

Once sullen, captive

Baby butterfly of light, peace and hope

With a soft glow shines my existence

Simple, modest, woven with dreams

                          Lea Díaz__

                        THE MOTHER

To my mom, constant source of faith and inspiration
The gold in her hair, in her heart
Like the sun
Shines, heats and gives life
Passion and faith fill her blood
Queen Warrior able to realize
Visions and epiphanies
Ideals that prevail
Mundane activity, spurious motivations
And make her ascend towards a sanctuary
Built upon solid iron,
Guarded by a fierce dragon
Queen Mother able to protect, defend if necessary
Her sacred home
Instinct of survival, innate determination
The Mother will walk against every wall
The sea in her eyes, in her thoughts and memories
The eternal season has arrived
Blooms the spirit of inner child
The boats are sailing clear, limpid waters
They carry in fragile jars
The elixir of joy and heroism
While the Mother sleeps,
The luminous nymphs instill those
In her glorious soul!

                          Lea Díaz__


                        The Lonely Man

His eyes shine like the surface of the sea
On a clear morning
When the sun illuminates the peaceful water
And makes every shade glow with gold

His hair is white
And looks even whiter after the tan skin
That comes from restless walks with the purpose of survival
As the birds seek for fruits, berries, seeds

He is sitting on a bench a bit distant from the people
From the kids in the playground, from local musicians playing drums
His yellow shirt has lost its brightness
The lonely man is smiling all the time

He is carrying some packages
He opens a plastic bag and calls his friends: sss, sss
He throws his heart up in the air. It expands in million particles
A rain of bread and peanuts covers the grey path hiding the dirt

The man is not lonely
The magic creatures of the park,
The squirrels, the doves, the cats
Have come closer and closer

They look at him
As if asking for more grain
They eat gracefully in his hands and gather around him
Circle of Hope, Togetherness

A gift of affection is floating among the branches and the cement
The sparkle of ingenuity unfolds
The tender expression in his lips, generous for the company
For the sharing, for the full conversation without words

The man stands up. He marches slowly
He turns his ashen head to glance at his peculiar community
He keeps smiling. Halo of content
The man finally leaves: he is back again in the realm of childhood

                           Lea Díaz__

                                 Moon Powder

I knew you already
Unfinished portrait of gold and blue
I depicted in a time not marked with calendars
Inner moments, experience initiated or revisited in the mind
Time that shortens and expands in the imagination, as if a horse with a magical horn
Could gallop the mountains and woods of the young soul, and the ancient soul
Daydreaming images that occur to me when I travel in trains
Flashes of past, present, future lives moving through the window, they
Go years, decades, centuries back and forth
Subjective time, nurtured of sacred prayers, fervent desires.
Like a pale star fading in the dark

I had no longer faith
Those visions would materialize
Beyond unspoken legends buried in the land of
The portrait created in my thought
Became real,
Magician instilling Moon powder
To the pale star in love with you, the Sun.
The Kiss revived old grace
What a paradox day to day epiphanies
Often awaken discreetly
As subtle, soundless explosions
Of white mild waves approaching the shore
Conquering with mercy a dormant reign, the Forgotten
Memories of other lives that now converge in space and time
Your eyes, your voice, your words
Especially your heart

                                                  Lea Díaz__