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1. An electrical device to move the horizon closer
2. Three tiles to repair the damaged wall
3. A woman who resembles but is not the same as
4. A pair of camels that must be counted again
5. A word that can have many different meanings
6. Some light that changes the perspective

  Bob Heman __

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©Bob Heman: The Arrival (III) - August 12, 2018 -001


                       what it
                       was called
                       so called it
                       by a different
                       that then
                       its name

                      Bob Heman__


the shoes
an explanation
for the chair
or window
but only after
the train
has arrived

    Bob Heman__


the affectations of dining

the wearing of nonfunctional garments

the use of artificial speech patterns

journeys taken with no purpose

  Bob Heman__