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When I was this kid in grade school I asked Junie who sat cattycorner to me where she got the purple fruit I saw in her lunch pail and she said it came with the lunch pail and that she was going to keep it until her mother returned the lunch pail because of the purple fruit that came in it and when I suggested we just go ahead and eat the purple fruit, she suggested I ask my own mother to buy me a lunch pail with a purple fruit in it and I told her I have no mother or even a mother-in-law and Junie said I could have hers if that was okay and I said I'd have to ask my dad as I did have a dad, then Junie said she wasn't sure what a dad was because apparently she didn't have one of those so we decided at the last minute to eat the purple fruit after all and I split it nicely down the middle with my pocket knife and her lunch pail, well, of course we had to flatten it now the purple fruit was gone and so we did, taking turns with the little sledge hammer she carried in her book bag.

  Charles Springer