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After drinking from a garden hose the first time when he was a teenager mowing lawns for gas money, Derrick would drink from nothing else, never a cup or glass, not a can, not even a bottle although he did gulp some bong water once and as you'd imagine, this hose thing became his trademark and a problem that his teachers called a challenge because I guess challenge sounded more professional or tackle-able but for Derrick the hose deal was no big whoop, he simply wore a couple feet of it around his neck like a collar, no, it wasn't a necklace, and if some smartass got lippy, Derrick pretended to have had a tracheotomy and scared him off, then went about his business siphoning gasoline, you see he no longer mowed and he came to love this piece of hose the same way one took pride in an inner tube or section of saxophone and even slept with it, showered with it, on occasion put a funnel that he wore on his head under his ball cap in an end of it and drank rain water like it was going out of style and he was the chosen one to bring it back.

  Charles Springer