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Eleven months after my father’s death
I buy a watch for ten dollars
Not to tell the time or look well-to-do
No, it’s cheap, it’s a bargain, rock bottom.
Then I give the watch away
To a stranger I happen to meet;
And this is the part I don’t get
This spur-of-the-moment
Hand-off makes my father glad.
He shakes his head and laughs
He is impressed. When he was alive
I saw him do that head shake & smile
Maybe a couple of times.
He wasn’t impressed with me
All that often, and yet
It always made me happy
When he was, when I’d done
What he would have done,
If he had ever been a giving person.

  Angelo Verga__

Dream of Worms

To dream of worms is to be
Ensnared by low intrigue,
By disreputable people,
To be brought down into filth.

To dream of worms on your skin
Means your ambitions are sordid.
To dream of throwing off worms
Means you desire to be pure.

If you dream your lover is covered
By worms, it means fear will find you
Wherever you hide. No getting away.
Worms when you die.

  Angelo Verga __

Birds on a Hood by Patricia Carragon
           © Patricia Carragon: Birds on a Hood


“Keep your underwear on
I don’t want these girls to see
How lucky I am,” she says
As we squeeze into adjacent
Cubicles of the Freedom Massage
Parlor, an establishment of renown
(338 Yelp reviews, 80% 5-stars),
A bolt of silk hung between us,
Making our cramped “rooms” “private.”
Every time I groan with delight
Muse asks “What’s Going on
Over There?”
Several times I hear her
Instruct her girl
“Harder, deeper, I need
To loosen up really bad.”
That’s true, I think to myself.
After we leave she says
“I Think Your Masseuse
Was Better.” We get into
Her battered compact car
Which she refuse to repair.
“Beginner’s luck,” I shrug,
Thinking you get what you pay for.

  Angelo Verga__


The young woman has jewels in her ears
Three on the lobe, and one inside
What else awaits hidden from my eyes?
Her breasts awaken before her eyes do
Thank you for seeing me in the dark.

Radar can detect the presence of a plane
Sonar can detect the presence of a whale
X-rays can detect the presence of a hair line break
MRI can detect the presence of a tumor on the brain.
My skin, tongue, and teeth
Can detect the presence of your pleasure with me.

Angels play guitar and sing.
I feel like a guy who lives in Italian suits.

  Angelo Verga__