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                   beyond kind of blue—an open letter to miles davis

1. summer 1982 —miles davis at pier 84 nyc

young kids with junk eyes standing on their seats shirts open bare chests 
waitin' to hear Miles  looking thru heaven with their pinned baby blues
the 15 year old chain smoker keeps blowing it my way thru my breathless timeless 
nostrils  they're all growing their first wild dark dangerous hairs
i pull on my 17 year old moustache & wonder where i'll be & why 
i sit calmly  neck craned  this won't be no blue sketches or 7 steps 'round midnight
but it will be played to a full house of mostly baby blues
 a fat man in a baby blue shirt walks up & down the percussion strewn stage 
                  doin' a sound check thru the bell of miles' trumpet  
pick up mike attached by a thin black thread so that Miles can play with his back to us
       & still be heard through his impatient hunched paced excitement

baby blue dividers gently swell with wind & subside like trumpet cheeks
   transforming running sound like cool water rather than broken words
    & then the announcer says "good evening....in 2 or 3 more minutes 
we'll have MILES DAVIS"    as the baby blue sky blushes with oncoming night

b. monster miles mainly miles music miles it's miles' thing stripped down static whispers he knows but doesn't know knows but he doesn't know knows what to do with all he knows HE KNOWS mostly miles blowing miles we love you miles because you're miles all those moments of miles a mellow motion screaming miles pluckin miles nobody knows how to bend a note like miles funkin miles bendin the brains of those burnt baby blues smokin miles muscle miles mighty miles all that sense of space night comes on slow sky blush blue miles wears a baby blue embroidered cap mercy miles it's all you miles all with miles & the cameras the cameras more cameras than a president requires president miles citizen miles living miles winding miles winding black snake moan & we're all excited miles really reved up so many horns have blown with miles birds & tranes go on for miles & miles survives the miles broken miles battered bent & brutal miles muted miles crazy gone mysterious miles money miles mad mad miles we shake our bodies just for miles blow eternal taps for miles eternal speeding miles the cup runneth over for miles fluid miles motion miles notion miles ocean miles bottled bubbly baby miles the miles of baby blue windows by the pier watching miles miles of music your way miles history lesson miles slowly hysterical miles wave your hands & stick that tongue out miles happy cool hot hot miles with my shirt open i stand on my seat & whoop for miles smiling miles laughing miles angry miles playful miles grabs the sax player's fingers & twists monster guitarist invented by miles heavy conga solo sings for miles a pause & miles is watching open mouthed mouth open miles the sun is waiting for miles to set for miles to end the set the sun is waiting the miles of sun the round orange sun conga round skin the faces of men miles of faces of miles of round sun faces the set the sudden the set the sudden the jolt the sun it's ok miles keep playin miles it was nothin just a... sharp sudden pain an unseen screeeeeech take that finger from your ear & BLOW MILES BLOW breezy miles helicopter miles musing miles basic miles bouncy miles this is miles much more miles & miles & miles the sun sets with MILES with miles with miles the sun sets with miles with MILES............

  steve dalachinsky __

2. autumn 1991 the steps that lead to heaven


it was inevitable that eventually the voodoo would run you down
catch you and carry you away  so you left with him on the sorcerer's train 
& freddie limping down a side street weeping thru his specks & rabbit grin
these 7 steps on a quiet night lead you silently up the road ahead in the sky   
harsh black beauty floating up down there  kind of  round about somewhere in a green  
haze remembering when the living was easy & not so easy 
& you all the time mumbling  SO WHAT? when life wasn't worth a plugged nickel 
weirdo  always on the fringe  cookin up a bitch's brew in beelzebub's cauldron
steamin   relaxin   workin  diggin  walkin  tuning up the paraphernalia
bluing  in an old flame on a paper moon & launching the birth of the cool
there'll be plenty more blowing tomorrow  more conceptions compulsions enigmas
       it never entered my mind that you'd just take off   gone great hero of my youth
     godchild  dreaming the serpent's tooth  i never thought yesterday would come so soon 
would really ever come  hard on the fast track   in your own sweet way  
                painter of deceptions          awake at all times
don't blame me if i can't accept you're gone   you were it thru madness & gladness
      smiling footprints   sanctuary & limbo   on the other car to oblivion
         the other direction in my ascent   &   dance      from the street   

i thought about you all the time & if i were a bell i'd RING your praises every hour
                     as you  arrive out of nowhere like autumn leaves   
  mooch   milestone   rich country son   black comedy full of stuff   
the ultimate prince of darkness orbiting my life  always agitated   loaded with ESP       
won't you please come home WATER BOY so near  so far  the miles & miles of  MILES    
     nurturing me with your sound once upon a summertime  when spring was here  
          my lament rises  as my ears long to hear your lush & muted voice
this is the meaning of  NO BLUES  & ALL BLUES as the broken hearted maidens 
languish in your embrace & the boxers wait for you to GO & there is here where you are 
not gone here the seeds that you left are here where you are where there is 
                                                NO longer YOU

  steve dalachinsky__

miles davis
© steve dalachinsky: miles davis round midnight