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Sky Art On the Way to the Post Office

While I was walking in a not sunny but still
light-filled day, I looked up and saw two large
white stripes across the blue sky. I thought

a plane had made them. Then I saw a plane.
It looked too small to have made those stripes.
They were mother nature’s. I then noted more
and counted ten, in different lengths, and widths.

Her version of a pinstriped-suited sky. I wished
I had a camera. They were in different levels of
long white gauze. And, just about parallel to each

other. I looked back at the horizon, there were
even bigger long ones, with small cotton ball
clouds in front, along with average longer
clouds here and there. Some were white, others

light gray. I noted two of the short strips made
an X. One thinner than the other, but a perfect X.
On the way back regular clouds, had overtaken

them. Through gauze ones, a line cloud was
still visible, in an active yet tranquil art-filled sky.

  Evie Ivy__

In Windsor Terrace

In the just so quiet night,
below leaf filled trees
illuminated by lamp lights,

the raccoon moves quietly.
Tree leaves move silent
as breath can be as I sit

on a stair waiting for a friend.
I had never seen one, though
I had heard, they were there.

It’s as if it was just another
shadow in the peace-filled
temperate summer night.

    Evie Ivy __

              © William Corner Clarke: Eye Creature

How Could You Watch That?

I would rather watch a horror or Sci-Fi movie
than read a newspaper, or watch the news on TV.

I would rather know the good manner
among humans.

I want to see people:
killing, starving, beating, crippling each other,
abusing innocent animals for no reason—
and tell myself, “Oh, it’s just a movie.”

I would like to see humans become the highest
order of creature they were meant to be.

Yes, I would rather watch a horror or Sci-Fi movie
than read a newspaper, or watch the news on TV.

    Evie Ivy __

Leaving the View

Your goodbye resounds everywhere I go.
    You said goodbye to me under a tree.

I was below a dark and moonless sky.
    As I walked down the tree lined avenue.

You have said goodbye to me on the phone.
    While walking the dog and in the corner

pharmacy. Also, while having dinner.
    You said goodbye to me at the bookstore—

you may as well have, my love. For it seems
    you said goodbye everywhere I seem to walk.

And I look forward to a day and time when
    the day emerges long, and free again.

  Evie Ivy__