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she / sings the / great mystical poets

              We have no answer to the
              Fermi Paradox. It grinds
              down guests through sheer
              terror. Who will pretend to
              be a pirate now that most
              of the good stuff's gone?

The ice cream is really good,

              All-purpose penny loafers,
              with their near medicinal
              qualities, are what your
              wardrobe is missing. Even
              more chicanery goes into
              what ends up in your baggie.

the portions are enormous,

              The supply of genuine camem-
              bert is dwindling. Museums
              own far more art than they can
              display. I long for a vigorous
              fluorinating agent, but robots
              now make my decisions for me.

& a waffle cone costs less.

  Mark Young __


                 In a kind of
                                           reverse Proust–
                              degree of difficulty
                    2.7 on the Hans
                           Richter Scale�he
            was waiting for 
                    the tenth & final 
                                   volume of The 
                        Grand Piano to 
                    appear before
                            ordering the 
                          complete set 
                                            & then taking 
                                         to his bed to
                               spend the rest
                                               of his life 
                                 reading them entire.
  Mark Young__

Transgenic animals

It seems that, these days,
everything from milk
cartons to laptops are
masters of motility,
capable of self-upgrading
or evolving into new
forms. What was once
an implantable cardiac

pacemaker in Edward
the Confessor, one of
the last Anglo-Saxon
kings of England, is now
playing a softball game
in the old men's league.

  Mark Young__

rabbit / products to / complement any interior

The future of online video
is already here. Twenty
original buildings & an
historic working Shaker
farm are used to recreate
a generic therapist office
that looks exactly like you
think a generic therapist
office should look like.

These changes are small
enough, & tasty enough
now that he has added
pastels to his repertoire.
But, being a modern girl,
she escaped by running
into the blackberries
after her vehicle was con-
fused with a mélange &
mobbed by photographers.

  Mark Young__