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                     by Francine Witte

     It tickles her nose. She sniffs it anyway.
     It is the only thing Louie will ever give her.
     That, and all the added heartweight, having snuck himself in like he has.
     She was being so careful. After Thomas. After Maxwell. After Jim.
     She dressed herself in layers of wool and polyester. Jacket over sweater over shirt. But
     One night, she's alone and here comes Louie. Hiding his take your love knife in a single
daisy. She held back the tickle. She had learned to sniff without inhaling.
     Louie smiled a piano full of teeth. A million lies behind those teeth. They are knocking
up against them. Beginning of a tune. A tune she will learn how to dance to. A tune, that in
time, she will learn not to hear.