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Climb Mountains

A lifelong victim of one’s vile mockery and intimidations
Endless painful taunts, nothing but negativity
Spending all their time and energy as a black cloud
I am the ultimate power breaker to put a stop to one’s malicious acts and vile intentions
I ignore to deplore vile ridicules
Work hard, plan for the future to build a better tomorrow
I overcome challenges and develop a blueprint for a quality career
Mountains are challenging but not impossible to climb
My mother stated many times: “when you fall down stand up – stand stronger”
I, however, spend my time and immense effort to strive for success
Fast forward – I search for these same malicious people in LinkedIn
Stuck in the same capacity when last seen yet making no difference and nothing ventured
The arrogance and maliciousness consumed them

I strive further, better, higher, stronger
Focus on the good
Who is making a mockery of whom now?
I am the champion of this mountain!

  Tina Chan __


The Driver

At the driver’s seat in control
All about the journey – not the destination
Does one truly have total control with your own destiny?
Are there road maps or GPS for your navigation?
Did you check the expiration date on your driver’s license?
Is there a manual to navigate life?
Driving lessons are life’s lessons
Life is an accumulation of experiences
The passenger does not fully experience the effects
The car may crash, stall, whirlwind spin, skid
Do you step on the brake or gas?
Left, right or go straight?
Is your seat belt secured for what life throws during your journey?
What to do when a fallen tree or a large rock block the road?
With life turbulences, learn to make the situation work for you
Calculated choices you make and critical thinking decisions determine your destiny
The driver must know how to shift gears when navigating through obstacles
Do you have the motivation, the will, the energy as fuel for gas?
Can you measure your speed on your odometer by your age?

When you fall down stand up – stand stronger
Is there the promise of tomorrow?
Here today, gone tomorrow
Be the driver!

  Tina Chan __

The Walk

Walk in love
Walk in service
Does one walk in arrogance or in humility?
Are your steps embedded with good morals from an ethical conscience?
Or, are your steps embedded with malicious vile acts from apathetic?
Does your walk fit the mold shrouded in abject pain?
Walk in stringent curbs of disdain and disrespect
I maintain a steadfast resistance
Do you look away from dismay?
My walk is filled of fusillade from criticism and ridicule
Dramatic irony
Be fierce and formidable to build character
Walk through the horrible cloud of smoke
I walk valiantly
I do not fall down when walking in plethora of challenges
Do you understand what is moral fission vs. flagrant lies?
All storms eventually break
Can you walk in truth?
And you will walk in honor

  Tina Chan__


The Woman Within

The emerging truth separated from falsehood
How well do you really know me?
Have you seen the unseen side of me?
The soul is pure
The heart is good
The silver lining to a black cloud!
To be or not to be the woman whom you believe to be
The subjectivity of human perception
Can one acknowledge the subjectivity of your true feelings for me?
How does subjectivity decide your true feelings?
Can objectivity observe and measure the transparent truth within?
Are your findings conclusive?
The MRI will decipher my soul’s purity
Is it a toss-up?
Look deeper
How well do you know my character?
See through the unfiltered lens
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
The woman within is an enigma

           `  Tina Chan__