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"i want to escape..." (Robert Frank Exhibit @ Scalo Gallery)
           - for Gregory Corso

good bye
                           unclear   nuclear    hope
good bye
                  volcanoes      fish    experts
                                                     UFO's     &  foreign lands
good bye     elections
                                 & election fraud

good bye      fantastic operations  & sandwiches  5 cent penny candy   motel rooms
                           with  windows
good bye palm trees    daisies   & ideas   dark silence  music    & the past
good bye  ode    pretty girls     birthdays    hrs.  minutes   monthes  years calendars
good bye seconds ruins photograph of ruins coffee cups coffee tea cake table spoon good bye gesturing space within emptiness emptiness within space good bye blooming concrete acanthuspaperchristmas
good bye daddy blitzgrieg truth & dark silent music shadows good bye crowded rolls of film hanging like fly paper in a room occupied only by your ghost the image of winter perched upon the sill of my eye good bye you streets that i know of my youth middle age & my demise good bye you that i have never known will never know & have forgotten good bye BELIEF medicines & painful conditions good bye weather postcards differences travelling & visitations good bye inventions adversaries & inventory hello to nothing good bye preparedness distance deception & necessity small talk big talk people who are gone good bye tributes images bullfights speed blinking images & unbreachable entanglements good bye vocabularies purple potatoes & holes good bye therapy exercise visitors disaster & you good bye to you to how i look at you i want to escape have to escape need to escape to escape escape.

  Steve Dalachinsky __

As in My Name IS - EDIT
(for Albert Ayler with words collaged from interviews with Albert & Donald Ayler)

as in my name is…
flying around inexplicable as in bearing witness having visions
as in the power of gods miracle ghosts bearing emancipation
witness to the fallen radiant array of... flying around piercing revelations
positions of touch brothers & sisters developed free
inclinations transmissions fountains of wisdom
the forming of as in my name is… Revelation
dark sky spiritual law illusion cleanliness
blood the true prophet blasphemy discord true harmony perfection
make war with the lamb & i was awakened to the kingdom
humming new peace beauty
as in my name is… truth marching conscious of strength of what we’re talking about
music is good for the mind   follow the sound the pitches the colors
you have to watch them move you have to watch them move melodies going in & out
of … something you are left with something you can hum as in to give peace you must
have peace > music as a rejoicing a beauty going to happen do not focus on the notes
move your imagination toward the sound   sound to sound inside the music
listen to everything together it frees the mind as in find out more about yourself   listen to
each other   free not   just free music but free spiritual music   hear the relationships of a
free sound & know it’s right each person finds his own form as in you know what the
next one will be as in my name is FREE vibrato full force of life complicated textures &
simple tunes tunes you can hum   as in HUM ME BREATHE ME   my name is World is
TRUTH is Fascination & enthrallment My Name Is New my name: Heroic My name:
prehistory search golden weapon instrument/language my name is nobody & nobody
understands ME nobody understands ME originality Song Sleep Scandal desolation
emptiness radiance charisma interplay deliverance audacity ecstasy the sound within
sound Nobody understands that i am trying to understand people praying healing
running after money waiting for the New Grass to grow but nothing happens
i should have left this place long ago hard obscure unsettling life shouting & waiting for
my time hunger / success: the ratio of one to the other the music/ the poem > the riots
they will not cause > it has nothing to do with what people say the truth will set you free
march on march on rejoice the sorrow the suffering the waiting as in dream as in one
feels different things in different stages of one’s life the ARTIST’s (R)EVOLUTION
Evolution as in MOment to make the music new every time feel the rhythm appreciate
the music as in my name is response responsibility chaos crazy impatience passion
heaven foundation light fusion dominion emergence force virtuoso witch devil saint
ghost circumstance abstract idiom cliche acceleration strength will the ultimate capacity
for imagination vibration mother father children family myth courage collapse
rejuvenation words & words after all are music & music can set you free
& music can bring you peace for in order to give peace you must have PEACE
that’s all MY NAME IS MUSIC that’s All MY NAME IS MUSIC that’s all

  Steve Dalachinsky__