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That wasn’t my business, it was my lack of enthusiasm.

A lot of different coats to break into or out of.

The breathalyzer couldn’t help but confuse him.

Contortionists running from station to station.

This is the waiter’s station. Once a waiter always a waiter.

What was it to have a well-stocked mind?

That’s why it’s so diffident.

Five quotes to the dollar.

The salesman said he liked the book, but

The clock is an evil stepfather looking for cannon fodder.

And the remains are for praying.

Yes I make mistakes, too many.

But it’s not an exclusive club.

Expensive, yes.

I can see for miles, but I can’t focus. And miles, but it’s all blurry.

It’s a cheap shot as cost him his job.

An expensive shot would have been equally effective.

Something to linger on about.

But I don’t have the savvy.

  Ian Ganassi