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1. Seventeen Ropes

Seventeen ropes  hang  from the sky      

A rush to ascend!

The clouds strain but are  willing 

to hold the aspirers

Yet, three fall to  the depths 

smash as puzzled dogs watch  

content to stare, lick their  paws

shake debris from their coats

No one knows exactly where they are going

like sailors, arm over arm, shimmying up masts,

But who can judge the fervor

the passion their  pointed aim for the goal?

And it goes on each year  

The trapeze is a new diversion

dare devils defy physical limits 

their bodies displayed in impossible flight

But the main act 

coercing the sky to hold 

a display of heavy bodies continues

as they clutch the illusion of ropes   

their notion a picture 

a mistake

like the air  


but not quite sold

  Roberta Gould__

2. Alive

Snippets of incipient oak

leaves strewn on the ground

A dog steps over

stitched and stapled after surgery

her life given back

New day new rain

a shirt to keep her incision dry

Shad Bush flowers

The air’s filled with song

Tree stamens

soaked and bitten off

their little branches

on the ground

She steps over them, too.

  Roberta Gould__
3. Epiphany

No explosion
Just a  thorn
pricked the balloon

And it  burst

Poor thing!
How it hung 

thin rubber strips

  Roberta Gould__


    5. Elements Floating Off

    The clock in the box floated off
    This was a dream of No Die
    Tomorrow strode in on stilts
    The dead laughed in their gloves

    Charred trusses from a fire torn roof
    held nests of migrating birds
    Boarded windows in the stone walls below
    were the start of another life

    The sun grew stronger each hour
    a bowl full of lilies bloomed
    Snails emerged from the dark
    The clock in the box floated off

      Roberta Gould__

4. First Bird

Its tail bobs
Soon it will check the slatted wall
to affix its masterful nest
as its ancestors did

I don’t tell its name
It’s Babel as usual
we don’t uderstand
and kill each other

But that’s not it
It’s that I forgot!
can only present its call
with a whistle
and fail

Paper won’t do either
and the word’s cyber tool…
sent with magical ease
giving no more than myself

  Roberta Gould


    6. Elements

    How narrow the funnel’s mouth is
    It clogs with dross
    We live with bad water
    The air cries out

      Roberta Gould