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Limbs burned to black
ash that rises
in wisps, a wish
once again to reach
for sky and sun
and stars, my trees
crumble after
storms and gales,
a new pile to add
to my ever
smoldering pyre,
a prayer from pressed
palms, leaves flutter,
an unopened book.

  Richard Dinges, Jr. __

5-11-B-A-Funky Monkey,    
Funky Monkey,
© Donna Joy Kerness
Funky Monkey, acrylic on canvas, 15� X 12

My View

Some days wind stops.
Tree limbs refine
sun and leaves merge
into brush strokes,
into a brilliant
green palette spread
from pale to shadow.
Sky washes pale
pools through eggshell
gray and blue hints.
I fall into
this moment, witness
all those eons
and accidents
crystallize this view
before time and wind
return the blur.

  Richard Dinges, Jr.__

Burn Barrel

Trees shed limbs,
dry brittle branches
dropped by gales
or breaths of breeze,
a crack, a rustle,
and another pile
of brush to burn,
breath in lengths
to fit my barrel,
no ceremony,
a simple cremation
that converts
forests to ashes
to expose how far
the horizon lies.

  Richard Dinges, Jr.__

Walker Beside Pond

One side painted
in brilliant sun, shore
leads a path.
Bright arm and leg
swing beside
mute limbs cast
in rhythm beside
a still pond painted
in reed thrusts
and bushy sponges.
Grass and trees and
water still but for
this person who passes
through, bleeds nature’s
edges of stark green bushes.

  Richard Dinges, Jr.__