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She used small pieces of colored glass to arrange the future in ordered patterns in order to recognize it when it arrived.
  Mark Young __

©Aldo Vigliarolo Aphrodite's foot


How far would science
& philosophy have

progressed if an eternal
antelope had lived in

the gardens of Plato &
Newton & reached up on

its hind legs & eaten the
apples before they fell?

  Mark Young__
A Salute to James Schuyler

Never the initial
act, planting, even
if used as such, as in
"planting the seed." Some-
thing always comes
before. Maybe as meta-
phor. Planting the foot
down. Implies a previous

determination or re-
action to something already
passed by. Infers
the soil made ready,
the hole already dug. &
even when no planting
done, thinking about it
is a kind of prelude.

  Mark Young__

An old world almanack

We planted a sustainable garden
to meet our annual ritual needs.

A number of editing tracks play off one another.

The first red maple began to turn in mid August.

Routine acts & their
contextually determined meanings
overwhelm good planning & common sense.

The barrista used
either too fine
of a grind
or maybe even the
wrong temperature.

Events are encoded
in terms of their
serial order & timing
relative to other events.

The service for the dead
was then read by
General Pendleton.

The frame within which
we are encouraged
to read this text

is divided.

If you can't grow radishes
you can't grow anything at all.

                Mark Young__