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out of your shell
out of your world
for a minute    for 
a minute

 that other voice
filters thru 
you   want the flow   to open the gate

   Lisa Galt Bond __


so here’s the thing
some times    late at night goes to early morning    and the taste of you the
thought of it   is moist
as your voice
on   the phone
miles away

   Lisa Galt Bond __

*For Paul Pines on the occasion of his reading
“Last Call” on 9/23/17*

That night   you sat on the stage
and let us travel with you
as you moved
through time

   Lisa Galt Bond __

©C.T.v.M. Guestbook -From Nowhere- 1980, page 025

April 17 2017

The nesting mourning dove
sits silently  on her nest
she does not sing
and wants to disappear 
 into the corner  of my 
 fire escape

taking turns
with her mate   they 
                               ride the eggs

hopefully      this year

they will not fall between the cracks

   Lisa Galt Bond __

I thought I heard you call my name
your long solo

just saying hello
we remember
first look

   Lisa Galt Bond __