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Disdain for the Moon

I suffer the moon
to exist in the sky
and will not pluck out
that one great eye.

Let is stare down
and watch what I do.
alone in this night
turned pure indigo.

Whether I kill
or love or mourn
is of no concern
to one so far off.

Leave me alone
to be in my joy
or misery.
Look elsewhere.

Do not complain
of my raised fist
or lack of prayers.
No help or fear

is expected or felt,
since childhood ended
and man earned the right
to be the beast he is.

  Joseph Farley __

Yellow Brick Pilgrim

I kneel in the cornfield
at the feet of the scarecrow
seeking forgiveness
and directions to Oz.

Let the trees throw apples,
and monkeys descend from the sky.
I shall suffer all calamities
on the route to find God,

and if he turns out
to be some fraud in a suit,
should I complain,
or applaud this fantasy

for weaving strange beauty
into a world more bleak
without the willing
suspension of disbelief.

  Joseph Farley__

Drinking after the divorce

Getting home safely
after a night at the bar
no longer seems
a priority,
nothing worth mentioning
or giving serious

No. Let the man
keep pouring.
I’ll stumble to the car.
If the police should
pull me over,
or I should kiss a tree
on the way home,
I shall not
complain to God
for the gift
of company or sleep
in jail or morgue.

  Joseph Farley__

Bearing our burdens

You carry the burden you were given.
I carry a weight of my own.

You cannot carry what I have.
I cannot lift what is on your shoulders.

All we can do is watch the road,
and try to prevent the other from slipping

in puddle or mire or crevice or hole,
and sometimes lean against each other,

so that together we might lessen the load,
if not forever, then just long enough

to catch our breath and adjust our packs
for the many miles yet to go.

  Joseph Farley__