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Freshman year, Pennsylvania Military College (1963)

I coldcock him in the mouth,
send his choppers flying,
stomp his chest until black bile
bubbles out of his ears and nostrils.
No, I didn’t do this. But I wanted to,
one morning, after an upperclassman,
in front of a crowd of students,
twists my name into female genitalia,
calls my mom a floozy, restricts me
to my room for a week, all because
he doesn’t like the curvature
of my lower lip when I chant
Sir, good morning, Sir!

  Gil Fagiani __



“Hey, is it raining?”
“How should I know? Stick your finger out the window.”
“Don’t be fresh; it looks dark.”
“It could just be cloudy.”
“You think it’s gonna come down?“
“Do I look like the Weather Lady?”
“What does the radio say?”
“Possibility of showers.”
“They always say that.“
“What do you want from me?”
“Maybe if I bring a small umby, it’ll act like a cross.”
“How’s that?”
“It’ll keep away rain like a cross keeps away the vampires.”
“Why don’t you take a wooden stake and hammer while you’re at it.”

  Gil Fagiani __

Pennsylvania Military College, 1964

You give away your last cigarette to a classmate, your last bite
of cheesesteak hoagie to a grubbing officer. You’re the first

to volunteer to GI the latrine, offer your help in the unmanly arts
of sewing on a button, ironing a pair of trousers. We call you Tool.

We smear toothpaste on your brass and spit-shines, short-sheet your bed
so your feet only make it midway down the mattress, fill your pillow

with shaving cream. We line up at the window when your girl parks
behind our barracks and you lock yourself in her Nash Rambler for hours.

Joke about the fogged glass, how you don’t know what hole to stick it in.
We implement the principles of war: objective, offensive, surprise; deploy

a commando team with cameras. Four cadets in camouflage fatigues
circle the Rambler; the explosion of light, pumped fists, pats on the back.

Long after “Taps,” we lay with our eyes closed, sleep eluding us, thinking of you
and your girl, blinded by the flashes, hugging each other, tighter and tighter.

  Gil Fagiani__

Chester, PA, 1972

First the Ford plant
shut down,
then the steel mills,
the metal factories,
the shipyards.
A year after Pennsylvania
Military College’s colors
are retired
and the cadet corps
the 48-year-old billboard,
with letters glowing
like a blast furnace:
had its plug pulled,
girders hauled off
to the scrapyard.

  Gil Fagiani__