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Table of

The Sunbeam Poem Assembly Kit. 


1) Place word "C" along sentence "Al"       (See illustration on page 164) 
    being careful not to misspell the word hieratic.
                Insert whitecaps after sea but not when referring to people
                 wearing white caps, 
The ocean, moonlight, and pickled pork chops 
have been preassembled for your convenience.

2)  Twist Word "B" in your head, twisting in a counter clockwise direction 
      while placing word "A" jellybean
                     (see illustration of Robert Frost doing
                      the twist on page 168) 
           carefully between the first and last syllables
                   discreetly hyphenated.

3)  Sentence "A2" comes in several languages. 
            Please check the outside of the box to be       
certain that the right language is being used 
                                          (The Sunbeam Poem Company 
                              makers of  The Sunbeam Poem Assembly Kit is not responsible             
                     for Poems using the wrong language. 

4)  Take out all words rhyming with orange and 
      insert iceberg after word �D", 
which in this case is Memory (see illustration of Allen Ginsberg memorizing 
          a recipe for cornbread on page 174) 

5)  Now with the use of a dictionary, a thesaurus, a book of common prayer, 
      and your poetic license (which is included in the package)
          a literary gem awaits you and your friends. 
         Just tighten all 
            metaphors, check to see that everything is in place, 
                (see illustration page 184 of T. S. Elliot eating spaghetti) 

Good luck from the makers of The Sunbeam Poem Assembly Kit. 

See you in print.
  Frank Murphy __

The Donut

You don’t want to eat the donut so you eat the hole
and it’s large enough, the hole, to fit everything in

a water drop, a raven, a windmill,

the wind itself, New Orleans and
the entire state of Louisiana,

And the lovers, don’t forget the lovers
        (They fit perfectly and there is
            room enough for trouble,
which also fits perfectly)

And then the world drops in like a golfball
followed by the planets, the sun,
the universe and more

Don’t forget the haters

(They also fit perfectly with their guns and
boots, making room only for death
slipping in like a cold drink)

You eat the donut hole
It taste like air, like

       and you are still hungry but
      that’s the only way you know

to write a poem.

  Frank Murphy__

It’s A Quarter to Three

It’s a quarter to three in the small bar on 20th Street
Outside the night road is contained for a moment,
      like a pacing leopard caged
The 400 Gods of Drink and Drunkenness
stand behind the bar
      like bottles, half-full, half-empty.

That’s how it goes
with the tiny gods who get under your skin, the rabbit gods,
quick to disappeared down the hatch.

They are quiet tonight, the music easy and sad. The only
customer has got a little story to tell.

And Joe, the bartender, has heard it all before

  Frank Murphy__



Even in the magical city of Dublin
a sign in a store window
directs us to

        "Take the Magic Tour
          to Disney Land."

Ah Ulysses, come home,
come home

  Frank Murphy__