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Home Planet News Online

Welcome to the 5th issue of Home Planet News Online. Home Planet News began as a paper edition in 1979. It’s founder, Donald Lev, is our Feature Writer this issue. The Online Edition of Home Planet News was started many years later. Its basic mission is to continue the excellent work of Donald and his late wife, the poet Enid Dame, of bringing new and exciting writing to as wide an audience as possible.

In this issue we introduce a new column, HOT MIKE, The Poetry Performance Review, as well as essays and a play by Matthew Paris. We have also changed the format of some of the pages for greater readability. Writing of readability, as you read through Home Planet News Online, you will come across this image, , click on it and you will see the poem in larger print and by itself on a white background. The Zen poet Hanshan wrote, “reading books will not save you from death.” and you can’t argue with that. I could, however, make a good argument for reading Home Planet News Online as an antidote to keep from dying of the two contradictory themes of these “interesting times” under the Trump presidency, boredom and abject terror. As Trump moves step by step to shut up every voice except Fox News, the clear voices of our writers can not only refresh the spirit, it can enlighten the mind.

The choice of Donald Lev as feature is both to honor him as the founder of Home Planet News, and to bring the enjoyment of his poetry to more of our online readers. Donald’s latest book, Focus, is his 18th collection of poetry.

Donald was born in New York City and now lives in High Falls, NY, where he is very active in the poetry community of that area. Donald worked at both the Daily News and the New York Times, drove a taxi in NYC for twenty years, was on the staff of The New York Poetry Calendar. He also ran the Home Planet News bookstore on the lower east side. And he is a contributing editor of Home Planet News Online.

A few weeks ago, I received two books from former Feature Poets Linda Lerner and Paul Pines.

I was dazzled and delighted by Linda’s “A Dance Around The Cauldron,” Lummox Press. Her prose is exquisite. Her retelling of what happen in Salem four hundred years ago is both timeless and timely.

Paul Pine’s latest book, Gathering Sparks, puts him even further into the ranks of the finest poets this country has produced in the last fifty years. His work is intelligent, deeply compassionate, highly readable, and adventurous.

Both of these books are brilliantly illustrated.

We note the passing this December of Aldo Vigliarolo, a brilliant colorist, whose works have enriched HPN Online.

This is the first time Home Planet News Online has been able to come out twice in one year. Thanks to all the writers, artist, and friends for making this possible. Please get the word out about this online magazine. Like us on Facebook, text your friends about us, if necessary, even write a letter. Our contributors deserve as large a readership as possible. We accept praise in all languages. Happy New Year.