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She saved toothpicks from restaurants
like dessert toted away in doggie bags
except pockets worked so well,
so handy in case her tongue
discovered a stubborn morsel
lodged between molar and bicuspid.
A quick pick, and it disappeared.

My sister and I unearthed these treasures
while checking pockets before donating
our dead mother’s clothes.
Each sliver of lumber held in her hands,
now held in ours with hesitation
before throwing away the saved toothpick.

  Diane Webster __

©C.T.v.M. 2 of 5 booklets - I am Cain - by C.S. 2016


The only rings growing
on the old tree now
are water marks of the lake
as it floods and recedes
as it submerges soil
once nourishment for the tree;
as it evaporates by feet and yards
leaving a jigsaw puzzle
of mud pieces curling in sunshine
all for the tree to commemorate
with rising and falling water marks
like notching the growth of children,
like while alive it encircled itself
in another concentric ring of life.

  Diane Webster__


The rock on the hill
commands highest viewpoint
for crows contemplating flight.
It is known by white bird poop
cascading still-life waterfall stains
down volcanic stone.

A fossilized presence
never diluted, never erased
by wind-driven rainstorms
capable of downing town signs
sunken in cement or snow
freeze/thawing cracks wider and wider.

Crows continue to scan
and whitewash away previous sitters
like painted-over graffiti on a black wall.

  Diane Webster__


The Volkswagon beetle drives forward
with its top down while rain patters
in steadily increasing patterns
while the woman driver inside
rolls up all the windows

and hunches close to the steering wheel
like a person dashing under eaves
pouring with rain runoff only to receive
a chilling dose of wetness down
neck that straightens your frame
to see lightning overhead that ducks
your head again to the death

you almost saw like this woman driver
hurrying to drive wherever
so she doesn't get wet while cruising
in her convertible VW beetle.

  Diane Webster__