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The Gray Hills Beyond

4th & Dudley actually
are, as it turns out,
downtown’s crumbling businesses,
but I don’t have time right now
to mount a soapbox
to spout my classic clowns-in-
Congress sermon or
feed the masses. In fact, I
have what’s left of a half hour
to scarf down a ham
sandwich & some soggy chips,
then go to Walgreens
for Dramamines for a trip
home this weekend for my high
school reunion. Things
sure have changed, I think, trudging
along cluttered drug-
store aisles of shelves filled mostly
with nostalgia. Funny how
condoms are right out
in the open now, the way
sex should be, so
I don’t have to buy cherry
Lifesavers, Q-tips, 60
watt ornamental
bulbs, pipe cleaners, nuts, a deck
of cards, a No.
2 lead pencil & syringe
before asking the checker, blue
hair in a beehive,
for the extra-large lubri-
cated ribbed ultra
thins. I’m nearly over all
that nowadays, what with how
years beget years which
beget shitty jobs which be-
get abandoned dreams
which beget insomnia
which begets my achy head
which reminds me to
pick up aspirins on my way
to the checkout, &
just in case, Trojan Twisters,
if I get lucky after all.

                     Matt Morris