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A man I don't know
(he is someone familiar)
stands in front of me
and draws a sign
an ideogram
first in the air
then on the ground.

It is a woman's name
it is lines in the air
it is furrowed dirt
(it is a woman's name
it is Brigid's cross of reeds
a square with arms and legs or
a knot exploded
(there were lights
no beginning
no end
(there were constellations
a logical bending of lines
             (there were ghosts

The man is replaced
by the dog
                 with the palest eyes
that reveal nothing

there are hands
tying knots

The dog is replaced by the man
(which is the shape shifter?
the dreamer appears in the dream
the man asks if I've seen her
says go to the place

I don't know the woman, the place
they are unknown to me
(they are familiar
I carry an armful of brilliantly colored leaves
that fly in the wind
birds and squirrels are busy all around
a dog with the palest eyes
a place and a woman's name

In a car I don't know
if I'm driving or where
(the dreamer appears in the dream
there is a kind breeze
the car is full of brilliantly colored leaves.