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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack


He was waiting for
light from the sky to go
from black to bone to
rose. "I came from the south,
one man says, my mama
and father taught me
how to garden. Oh God I
used to plant tomatoes,
cucumbers watermelon--all
beautiful and flowers,
squash. I pick up bottles and
cans and I be cashing
them in to buy food. I'm home-
less, not helpless. I don't
like people to come here with
cameras. You don't know
where your picture
might go, your soul. Some
times in early light I try
to forget the ones I left so I
could start all over
remembering them
         lyn lifshin


we have all kinds of
things in the garden and
the garden looks very
nice and we have, we
have a lady's head
with a knife pointing at
her. That's for a reason
and because a lot of
people know that means
trouble. Even the cops
know what it means.
And we leave it outside at
night time. Nobody
touch it. And we got a
black sword in the back.
Like I said, we got a lot of
things in the garden, a
lot of art. And like
I said, it beautiful
         lyn lifshin


We have number one
tent and number one garden
and anybody tell you that.
We Proud of that, you
understand. We proud and
that why every morning
we clean and rake out our
yard up. Every time you walk
by thee you see it clean.
Every day I come by here.
Ain't junky, ain't dirty. It
clean. Man, you under
stand we are home-
less, not helpless

         lyn lifshin__

We put in painted rocks.
You see that one, like crying, yeah,
crying and after, we put the
painting like that. We make it
shiny and that's the way
it dry like that.
That from black Africa.
And the other man, he
picking out the big rocks over head
and the crying comes from
black Africa and the
tears are coming down and it
looks real too

         lyn lifshin__