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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack

The All Saints Union Hall

A lazy Susan had a calm breakdown

I wait on the sidelines
For the impeachment
Of indiscretion and indecency
  The Underbellies of Society meeting, was running late

A poster on the wall shouted
"Do not disturb. Wars in progress"

I spotted a blind woman
She stood at the entrance to the exit

"Determination, and imagination, are out of business."

She repeated this mantra several times
Then disappeared, through the void

The disease bids high
Avalanches are expected
Before the autopsy

                            Drew Marshall ___

The Task at Hand

When I can't focus
I drift into the past
To better times
When I looked forward, not back

I dream my M.I. A.'s and dearly departed
Have returned
Wake only to find
They stay buried in the ground
Packed in their urns

To survive and move forward
That's the task, at hand

                           Drew Marshall___

Man and Woman jpeg
© Aldo Vigliarolo

When Dogs Sing Like Birds

A plucked turkey flew
along a long hallway.

A one eyed kitten
walked across the table,
slapped at senior cats
in their cardboard boxes,
observed the babka crumbs,
and jumped into an
empty box, tumbling to
the floor.

Cockatiels fed on sunflower seeds.
Two parrots, two chins in their habitat,
and two turtles watched as the caged canary
fell off the shelf. Barbara got
a net, and caught the bird by the window.

Where have you been all my life?
the old Aussie, asked the eight week old shepherd/hound.
We two alone will sing like birds in the cage.
The puppy chewed the pencil and pooped on the floor.

Fierce skies morphed over
Clove Lake Park.
Walking her up Occident
Avenue, I saw blood
in the old Aussie's stool.
Later she slept
incontinent on the porch,
with newspapers under her
to absorb the flow.

           Richard Spiegel __