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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack

Full Moon In Capricorn

You are spinning
   on the rotisserie
   of life

& you

      are getting your
         ass burned

touching me        in front

The Protection Of The Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Cathedral
on Second Street

and I wonder
it is still
   for us        to be saved
                            Lisa Galt Bond ____

How they linger
(for Roy Berkeley)

the old Arturos across Houston Street
white coffee cups of red wine
you always sat facing the door

an old habit you said
from your days as a spy
the gun under your pillow

drawn on me just once when I showed up early

you rescued me a few times in the dark city
turned out to be real
and played songs
that showed me
so many dead musicians

I d swim to the bottom and never come up
tell me how
long do I have to wait

walking near the Hudson with you
camera in hand

sweet memories of your guitar and

bye bye

you were a friend to me


it's not so much that the dead talk to me

it's that I talk to the dead and they answer

                            Lisa Galt Bond ______

"Lingering cloud is threatening to overshadow the brilliance of a blood red moon during a full lunar eclipse tonight"

                        the pink eclipse


beautiful pink moon 3:31 am december 21, 2010
watching from my window    very alive moon passing earth
                      tuesday    1638 was the last one before this

                      what happens
                      when it is over
                    you said the end of us was like a black hole nothing no light
                    you were happy to speak
                    although I had nothing good to say

    part 2

                if I could choose which you I want
                 I don t know who
                 you d be

part 3
            the limits of time and space need to stop imposing
            I never wanted to sleep at night

           the moon     is moving to the right
              a young couple stands on the corner and looks up
              passersby don t seem to bother

              has reached "optimal impression"
              I say hello to my ghosts
            my muertos
            my old friends
        I look up at the moon again
        it is spectacular!

                            Lisa Galt Bond_______