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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack

When Our Ancestors Ate Each Other, And They Did

The tour bus is full today, rolling down 7th Avenue
In sunlight so strong it makes one suspicious of everything.
And everything poses for the tourist taking pictures,
Taking videos
            the buildings pose, the parks,
            the Washington Arch
                       all the sights in Greenwich Village
                       pull their stomachs in and stand straight

And we who are New Yorker's strut down the street
Knowing the other side of everything
And still walking          still strutting

Left foot forward, right arm back
Right foot forward, left arm back

This is the way we walk through life

Listen, you can hear the tour guide explaining everything
And he's got it all wrong.

        Frank Murphy

David Gershator

Right Around The Corner.

In an alternate universe you
caught the train      made the shot
married the girl

In an alternate universe every mistake you have
ever made is undone, wiped clean,
just the first
or the last or the smallest, or the largest
or the one where you ate in That Restaurant

In an alternate universe you swung at the right pitch
walked down the other block
missed the train and didn't say the wrong thing
to the wrong guy and won the lottery

It all goes like this:

In Universe "B" your mother and father never met
In Universe "C" you are reading this poem in French
and in Universe "D" this poem was never written.

While in Universe "M" it was written in binary numbers.

So it goes.

In Universe "N Prime" you are a mote of dust
caught in the sunlight coming through a bathroom window

In Universe "Alpha 4" there is
no need for bathrooms at all.

There is one alternate Universe where there is no universe.
The big bang was a dud
and the only thing that exist is somehow
the tune to "How much is that doggy in the window"

In that alternate Universe there is no alternate universe
There, you and I don't exist in any form
and poems are never written. Not one in 35 billion years.

        Frank Murphy