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Walking The River

we found a way
to a thoughtless kiss
a consciousness
at once apart from
our separate intentions

an act of defiance
and then a trimming down

a containment of an essence
of what’s really true

and so what else?
a core of regret?
another list of wrong turns?

heavy clouds conceal this sun
only a few rays streaming through

no where to go but rain
and then some boats
blasting their horns

        john silver


In The Motion Of Breezes

when all the cast out pages
flame and crumble
into carbon scraps
the dark mirror on the door
will be a way through it

we tried to bury you here

far from your enemies
but even now their hatred
rattles our windows

your life, a twisted code in flight

injects into our visions

we raise them up to clarify

in the flutter of burnt paper

in the motion of breezes

        john silver

Automatic Days

an electrical bridge
cuts into time

stars dying before
their light arrives
they shutter
and explode
within remembrance
of a future shaping center
for us to see
in our automatic days

when water wakes were split
our river parted in silence
white froth danced on both of its sides
yet each faded to calm
pressing in opposition

stillness erased
the agitation of escape
but leaky think tanks
progressed through
to the far shore

strings were silent
in their vibration

john silver__

A Light In The Door

old ghost we know
you are your work

it was only you
holding on to dark expectations

we tolerated your critical presence
while your hidden lenses
tracked and tricked us into
timeless corridors of distortion

slinking down
you slanted us deeper
into hidden negativity
all concealed
in a hovering ancestral will of deceit
barely detectable
secure in its other directives

who would believe
you would tighten
and frighten us
but we resisted
if only by catching
some clear sun
through a light
in the door

john silver__