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Can I See Some Identification?

Can I See Some Identification?
When crawling from restaurant to bar to night club
Be it party of five
Or two by two
Never a "please" in this callous command
Where all eyes are on me to dig into my bag
In search for that stupid laminated card

Can I See Some Identification?
Urban decay does not produce the best lighting
Ergo all bouncers scrutinize to the tee
To exam my photo, memorize my mailing address
All the while doubting the authenticity of my DOB to match my face

Can I See Some Identification?
Is this 2012? Dude, where is your scanner to ensure the authenticity?
In this night, in this hour
Oh come hither stare, baffled to glare at my facial composition that I am of my age
Holding onto my identity which took a grinding two hour ordeal at the office of HELL
The DMV do not lie
Can I See Some Identification?
How my luck reeks to be carded
Here, there wherever I go
Stop glaring at me
Yes, we Asians hide our age gracefully

  Tina Chan


I was fooled by you
For you wore a thousand masks and none of them is really you
Extensive knowledge comes with time
Ten years since December 20, 1996 made no impact
Change is inevitable
Jekyll by day
Hyde by night
A Horcrux needed to be destroyed
No longer entice my heart
The person I once known now completely different
Who are you?
Too many layers
Nasty and vile
Caring and loving
Disrespectful and cold
Generous and thoughtful
Cheater and user
Unable to distinguish one's true identity
Yet only you can call me into aliveness
Hide from me reality
Enter my dreams here and there as He-Who-Must-Not-Be Named
A different personality everyday
Spare me from false illusions and false hope
What lies beneath, I wonder
Somewhere is the real you

  Tina Chan

Out Of Your Way

Out Of Your Way
You've committed to me so long ago
Understood what an exclusive relationship entails
We had a good home
Given our frustrations with the GW Board
I've always paid my share of the bills
Never was a payment missed
But I was in your way
Out Of Your Way
Locked-in an antiquated institution
Like a caged bird unable to freely fly
I worked hard to build something from nothing
How failure played in reaching your goals to your claim
I was the one to blame
However, I was always in your way
Out Of Your Way
Public male figures who are successful
Yet are bound by the marriage institution
Barack H. Obama
Bill Gates III
Ted Kennedy
To name a few
It was a continuous struggle for me to get you to listen
You ignored my logic and neglected our marriage
Nevertheless, I was still in your way
Out Of Your Way
The laughter shared enlighten our struggles
Countless excursions kept the fire burning
You wanted more
It was never enough
In-evidently, I was indefinitely in your way
Out Of Your Way
It was a wasted and routine relationship
Singleness is what you seek
We severed ties
For I was a road block in your life journey
Where the car swerve hairpin turns avoiding obstruction in its path
Out of sight
Out of mind
Out of state
Finally, I was, surely out of your way!

  Tina Chan__