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the numbers spin faster now

   we see the odds

   we weigh the time

I want to break the glass

every one is not perfect

your voices are important to me

at different times

I love you all

        Lisa Galt Bond


you have no reasons left

I told myself in all manner of ways

that this fever  had to go

I thought  about it for quite a while

I thought about murder

I thought about love

I thought  that sometimes

someone    puts out the fire

                Lisa Galt Bond

words hurt

and silence

       hurts too

Lisa Galt Bond

SnowDear Snowfox by ęCorina T.v.M.


and now he tries to contain us all

I wish to remove this pain

we could bring down the curtain

       and start again

Lisa Galt Bond__


        here is the  light going out

        here is the long lost goodbye

        I never came down to hear you  say

                Lisa Galt Bond

Little Birdie (the light across the way)
"got a short time for to stay here and a long time to be gone"
remember all the times 
we took it  past  all reason
I loved you  too  two too many switches
the light  

on now
in a dream I go back to 11th street and find more rooms 
than really existed 
and you must figure it out  from the past   but you can not turn it

in reality
someone was attacking me
I screamed out trying to escape
and the  dealer who lived across the hall   ran out  naked   
and saved my life

                Lisa Galt Bond