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Dark Daze

Dark Daze
If you are a woman, be very afraid
Your body does not belong to you
Your most personal decisions can be denied
Your commander in chief is a chauvinist.

And if you are gay, do not believe
his lying lips
There will be no support for an Equality Act
Expanding “religious freedom laws”
will legalize sexual discrimination.

If you are a Muslim, pray to Allah
If Jewish, try Jehovah
If agnostic, smoke a joint
Religion, that sanctimonious divider can
always turn into a holy weapon.
This President is a true believer –
in racism, xenophobia and Jesus.

If you fear climate change, get over it
Our new leader assures us it’s all just a hoax
Environmentalists, ecologists, those who work with,
walk upon, or cherish our earth -
Surrender to fracking.

Dark Daze Cont...

If you are American and somehow respect
The Constitution or Declaration of Independence,
Or have prided yourself on American rights
(the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness)
Be vigilant during the dark days ahead
Our Electoral College has crowned a prime time dictator.

And if you are an immigrant,
Remember, this country was built by your predecessors
Great coastal cities will offer sanctuary.
This President is your self-declared enemy.

If your wealth is inherited, your tax bracket
Sufficiently high
If you prefer your business unregulated
Your workers unprotected
Celebrate this honorary Cossack and his reactionary

Now is the time for resistance
To fight, protest, vote and teach
Together, we can grow smarter and stronger
Sometimes we stumble but we will not stop.

        Ilka Scobie

Soul for Ugo Rondinone

When sunshine bakes bluestone slabs, gathering
warmth to obdurate core
Rock then lifts, lightens
As chill seeps and corrodes, the stone contracts
Consolidates quarried power

This stone tribe of unmoving camaraderie
Loyal hearts transcend face or gender
Standing, unbowed in architectural shadow
Deliberately concreted walls enclose

Freer then flesh and blood voyeurs
Who proudly place objects upon manicured lawns
(preferably overlooking the sea)
Some secrets best unseen
Like verdant lichen, awaiting visibility
Tender gifts for the initiated

Ilka Scobie__