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we'll get used to it: 1.28.17: 4:18 pm

we'll get used
we wont even
we'll get used
to the dictator, caudillo, strongman
boss by edict, executive action, fiat,
we'll get used to it, we wont notice
'alternative facts', lack of checks
and balances, erasure of three branch
government, zip freedom of press, no open
door for immigrants, no roe vs. wade, no healthcare
we wont notice
the girl kids dying bloody
coathangers up their pussy, the kids
w/no parents, the parents w/sick
kids, spike in asthma, smog,
pollution, the sleepers on subway grates,
sleepers on the subway, the breakdown
in the subway, the round-ups and shootings,
nuclear holocaust, the hurricanes and
sharp winds unending, the dead polar bears,
the dead seas and hummingbirds, the planet
on fire--

it won't be us, it won't be our daughter
fever and bloody sepsis, it won't be me
sleeping on the subway grate, it won't be
my hijab caught & ripped at the gate, it wont be
my son, grandkids rounded up, it won't
be us
caught in nuclear bombing, drowned
city we'll get used to it we won't even notice

we're dead

        Eve Packer


'you have a
nice voice,'
says the grey & white
curly head
blind lady
w/seeing eye dog

curled at her feet
on the w.14th street crosstown
bus, 'you have a nice
voice' she says to the bus
driver, 'you should be a
movie star'--

i dont wanna be
a movie star, i just
says the driver, wanna be
a regular

                nyc, (after dance class):
                thurs, 5/19/16: 7:45ish pm

        Eve Packer

1.30.17: 10:15 pm

oh for the days
when you cld bitch
abt the weather, the
water-temp, the ramen
noodle joint, the rats
in the trash, on the
subway tracks, oh
for the days when you
could write a simple
lament: my friend nicki
died today--in her last message
she quotes:
'we shall overcome'--
you wanna say, ' yes,
we can,' but the barometer
drops to 28 tonite,
and the moon is in last

Eve Packer__