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The power of grief is for the living
The dead feel no grief
Who we wish to meet again
Is a living wish
The dead have no such longing
to regroup on the banks
of Jordan or Styx
to harbor the unforgetting
what calls without sound
beyond the boundary of existence
lost brother
lost father
lost mother
lost wife
Are not lost to themselves
But to us
who live their absence
who live their presence
as other and self
too close to be reconciled
containers of grief
that waters the tree
at the center
of the world
without which there'd be
no life
no grief
no longing for release
no movement beyond longing
children who bless us
before they go away...

        Paul Pines


It never scares me 
to think of the pearl in its depth
then let go of everything 
welcome the descent 
discover on the way 
I am the pearl 
                        and let go 
                        of that 

so why be terrified 
to see someone else
do the same
            the only way
            to leave 
            and return

Bon journee! 
my dear one 

out of range
as long 
as you must 

then come back 
and write 
to me
                Paul Pines__

Le Moulin

The way she said 
                 "You're wrong!"
made me aware opportunities
once available to me
no longer exist

I wanted to tell her to
spare me words
in the absence of agency
queries about the end
of life
eating and sleeping
reducing death
to an ill fitting

to stop worrying
about our waist lines

I wanted to suggest we
live out our days in the Dodorgne
with Masons

laugh as moonlight makes
room for doubt
in a garden
of lingering uncertainties
with our brothers
and sisters
at the Moulin

who gather and dissolve
in this mid-summer night
like hermits calculating
in the hierarchy of means
and meaning

                Paul Pines__