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The Boulevardier’s Dawn/Cocktail Hour

Pilasters held up the roof of night
an unusual clement evening shortly past
   the equinox
about were yet sprinkled holiday

otherwise Manhattan washed
   in twilight

twilight a fulsome and savvy blue
   as pumped by an accordionist
sky the shade of a philosophe –
   subtle, contradictory

when pilasters held up the roof of night
   an aperitif of blue, twilight that piques
   the senses
seeming to dissolve the divide to Paris

from Lexington Avenue to Left Bank
le Deuxieme e Duane Street
Champs Elysee and Chelsea

booksellers along the Seine
fringing Central Park, browsing the volumes

alors, in twilight – Paris a mere moment away,

a dip in “‘le pond Atlantique’”

the night pilasters held up the roof of night
beyond: the slow-divulging skein of Infinity
the eve moonrise (with its quadrant of frost)
   is marked by propinquity

twilight: blue amour: as day seduces starlight

        Patricia Polak


City for toe taps not teardrops
the melody of Manhattan is upbeat:
   assuming you do not falter;
   get kicked in the teeth

a spin before Radio City Rockettes
   like clockwork mannequins
   must outdo their chorus line

a practiced prance,
Carnegie Hall,
   a Bohemian polka,
   a spritely one

of the sashay bye-and-bye,
Brooklyn Bridge

Empire State Building,
   a lovelorn aping ballad
   kisses like keyboards – possible
      to be arpeggio-d

to the singer’s tambourine jangle,
   the lone figure on the subway platform

        Patricia Polak


Lynx that prowls my East River slumbers
 yawning predator sprung skyway to prey

chaplet of novices poised for gondola ride
Big Apple tram rocking its earthward parabola

none in brown Benedictine humble cloth
   fail to make landing
cat must with amber-eye re-visit its lair

dawn brings focus on beams of 18-wheeler
foggy A.M. in the capital of glitzy dreams 

Patricia Polak__


In the cirrus and the nimbostratus and upmost stories
   of the Chrysler Building, Woolworth, World Trade
Manhattanscape is zebra-ing of architecture and road-
   ways alight with talent and traffic signals
Look-see to the harbor-lands and the flatlands, and the
   outer-lands of Queens
past Hoboken (oh! surely past) then all New Jersey,
on northward beyond the harp strings of bridge,
   the geology of palisades, northward ever until
   dissolved from sight perhaps behind a Catskill
empyrean surfeit with demigods and Muses; upon the
   city such creative urgencies: singularities,
   monumentalities, hybrids of the 7 Arts

Stand on this pinnacle vantage: Rockefeller Center,
   Empire State Building and vaunt, vaunt it

Patricia Polak__