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A line from Dashiell Hammett

First thing I do on the
plane is rip the head-
set off because it doesn't
have surround sound.

I need an optical con-
nection, roadside CCTV,
a confused biker hit by
the car in front of me,

perhaps a tweeted photo-
graph of a docile Taylor
Swift. Digital distribution
means things will work

out even though the hoops
Apple forces us to jump
through to avoid a 30%
output cut are outrageous.

        Mark Young


The birds
are over-

by the sound
of a military


runs. I am
Umberto Eco.


        Mark Young

firefighter colonies

             A rise in GPS-equipped
            mobile devices has given
     assistance to pheromones locked

   in battle with career musicians, both
trying to find the sweet stuff previously
   lost in the subtexts of insect behavior.

Mark Young__


                          fortuitous breadcrumbs

                          Most modern studies have been
                          carried out on the small lynx,
                          a new format for looped media
                          which straddles the boundary
                          between different areas. I realize
                          it's a difficult topic; the second

                          page always has a slowdown of
                          just one second, an absence of a
                          beginning. Reality may not be as it
                          seems. The hypnosis of the loop is
                          a most complex mathematical sub-
                          ject that wants to become abstinent.

                          Mark Young__