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Feline Intensity

She regards him
with a feline intensity
the pierce of question
disguised as bravado
fake it untill you make it
says the swish of the tail
the come hither
bait and switch love trap
that knows you want it
so she gives it
hoarding triumph
like a flag
while gazing in the moist aftermath
her sleek eyes following sky-framed rooftops
that keep reaching.

Cats never look hurt:
just indignant.

        Karen Corinne Herceg

If I Drink Water

If I drink water
I expect no flavor;
but you are selling me tea,
coffee, juiced up beverages
you swear I can taste
off the drip of you.
My tongue,
much too practiced
and my spirit,
much too experienced,
the zest it craves
and will return to
when you leave;
and pure nourishment
        Karen Corinne Herceg

Urban Visit

In the city
trees are parentheses
urban partitions
their branches
connectors to broken air
a million bodies
scattered together
an upheaval of intentions
buildings the height of monsters
in old Japanese movies
blotting sky
scraps of natural light
dropping into florescent glare
Times Square neon frenzy
blinding minds
wandering through it
imagining purpose
retinal detachment
the flowering iris
of the eye
hiding its bouquet
glances of deception
fertilizing our wounds

Karen Corinne Herceg__