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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack


My first
encounter with
William Carlos Williams

was not through
a red wheel barrow
or climbing over his

fence to knock off
the plums in
his icebox

but buying
a record called
Poetry & Jazz

where the second
part of the title
was what drew

me in & on which,
in addition to
readings of Whalen

& Ferlinghetti poems,
was Hoagy Carmichael
reciting in a voice

that seemed to me
just right
for the occasion

Young Sycamore
& Tract. Thus we
come across

those things that
we were
meant to find.

Mark Young

Project tango

After four days of
dabbling with whale
tail & the kayak song

      learn how to write
      letters with a quill.

Kill the drum dances
off by eating greens &

      wearing a camp t-shirt
      with black bottoms. A
      thousand hearts beat

happily. Study the use
of cinnamon oil in the
control of ants & spiders.

      Le Francais Par Les Mots
      Croises: Book 1 is now

available in paperback.
List all books currently

      available for online ex-
      amination. A Regency
      promenade in beautiful

St. James's Park is under
construction. If that Wang
Chung guy is still within

      the foraging range of the
      Asian honey bee, avoid

dance halls for the next few
days. A vintage figural

      thimble holder shaped like
      a baby buggy pram is up on
      eBay. Shipping is *FREE*.

        Mark Young

A line from Wu Ch'êng-ên

Frank Lloyd Wright designs &
efficient iterative methods for
solving linear systems keep her
in perfect feather. The skills of

the craftsmen complement each
other, the outcome a muscular syn-
thesis of recycled gas lamps &
secondhand clothes put together

as a perfect homage to indigenous
aesthetics. Now with their falcons
tethered, they relax & salute the re-
woven frontier that is the outcome.

        Mark Young__

Black Moon
© Aldo Vigliarolo