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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack


            Mi pesano gli anni venturi (Ungaretti)
            [The coming years lie heavily upon me]

I'm into your world but not entirely of it
Not into the coil of writhing serpentine lies
Hissing with laid-on charm from TV & PC monitors
Eternal Truths of claudicant metaphors
Murdering en masse with the invisible hand of smart bombs.

I know the acrid sweat of the on & off Filipino labourer
& more intimately the smouldering rage of the scribe
Impotent to stop the lies dictated into his mind:
Both by your empire moulded, its stamp burning
In their brain convolutions & their muscle flesh.

What may i do? With eyes wide open
Steer my paraplegic wheels
while the nightingale
Goes on singing as if all were right
Into the thrilling strata of the planet's air

& i await the dove
Of a differing Flood.



We shall behold our love lie down
Like an evening
In the streets singing with the firefly's shine

& when bells suddenly ring
It shall be
A different morning.

But why do i sleep badly?




In the forest in the gloaming
I was given a strange vision
The Queen of Fairies was a-roaming
Clearly seen, without misprision.

Round & round me her train went
& she turned & flashed a smile
Tell me, O Queen, what this meant
Spare me, Mab, the miss a mile.

Did you stage it for my learning?
To reward my fealty?
Does it mean a love returning?
Does it mean the death of me?

14. (Doctrine)

Drummer, drum on & have no fear
& kiss the bare-breast Liberty!
This is the whole of science & art
The sum of all philosophy.

Drum & inveigle the drowsy people
Send the snake's hiss & roar of lions,
One step in front, ready to die,
This is the sum of art & science.

This is old Karl's dialectics
Of all philosophy it is the Summa.
I've understood it because i'm not stupid,
& saw the Revolution one Summer.



German winter           elder ladies with mink coats
Peroxide hair           too much makeup
Lines slashing from both mouth corners down & out
I burrow into sleep quietly on morning islands
At the bottom of the ocean schools of fish
Soft murmur of weary voices
They are bombing Beograd & Novi Sad
No more theatre festivals in springtime
Blood silting up all rivers.
Whispering of fish            jealousy of fish
If sharks were men
Big gangsters eat little gangsters
Peasants are burned out of their villages
City people bombed out of their homes
Thousands of Munch faces screaming
Humans           from their womb humanity forcibly ripped
By progressive technology & humanism
Demanding oceans of blood

Western brainwashed in uniform shoot at Balkan brainwashed
The center doesn't tolerate too much periphery
Top dollar American mercenaries bomb scared Serbian draftees
Bristly bearded gangsters from Beograd cleaning Albanians out of medieval monasteries
They are madly in love with the Serbian destiny to suffer
Smooth shaven gangsters from Washington upgrading armament technology
They are madly in love with the profits of arms industries
Booms in Balkan skies           booms on the stockmarkets
Communicating slaughterhouse vessels

Oceans of blood           oceans of profit
Who is king of the world jungle must be made quite clear
Sharks are not so clever           except in fable

Now you can touch what we lost with Tito's brotherhood & unity
Now you see how a people's revolution is eradicated
One million & three quarters dead in the partizan war
A ton of TNT to wipe out every dead partizan
These dead are dangerous           they must be killed again by bombs & lies
Counter-revolution by the center against the periphery
Blood on stone           blood & stones
Thou shalt not get out from under world banks           fish mouth silently

This is Moses & the prophets



                                      affectionately, für elke u. gerd


Dark twisters whirl through our delicate life
In this drift nothing can be taken for granted
Road signals horrify us like pestilent dragons
We are strangers amid corrupt beefy policemen

Pleasure comes smelling of closed plastic bags
You talk to me polite as a smiling automaton
Filled to the brim with quarters
No sense of a her or his story that would be ours

What remains: memories about the sunny climes
Unreasonable happiness
                                                the future rooted out in lobotomy 
Thus i've decided to become besotted with precision
Measuring letters drop by drop

Deciphering the arms dealers' covered tracks
Thru the cowering jungles of UN statistics


But ah! the balcony on Barbados,
The sea's azure expanse
                                   beside the cannibal global market
How the teenage harlots' curse
Runs in blood down World Bank walls

We could have waited longer
Eaten more scones in appreciative silence
Brewed herb tea with honey instead of saccharine
Sunk into the grass
Looking at the louring cloud plates lowering

Until ants came out of our eyes
Tenderly agile, uncaring of any birthday

Yet enough is enough.



So here we are amidst a burst of irises & peonies,
Inside the rainbow nobody has ever seen, looking
For how to manage this all in words that suggest
All other senses too.

Boy or girl, do not forget senses traffic through sense
With truth. & truth, embraced, may make you free.



The deranged in command of armies do not know they're mad
Blind people leading the nations do not see their blindness
Reproduced by deep class interests, they're in the dark all their lives
Dying time & time again, they take revenge in killing others
At the end of their deaths they've forgotten there was light.


                                      To the memory of Anne McLaren, 1948 onward

I dreamt of Lady Hope tonight
She smiled on me so sweetly,
Fair as in days of our keen youth
When she kissed me very sweetly.

"Where did you go, my Lady, my love,
What countries saw your features?
Your flaming gaze, your sunburnt hands,
Your reach to other futures?"

"I've always been here, young man of mine,
Here where the wise can see me,
You grew up & lost your keen eye
& the faint are not able to see me."

"We all must grow up, my Lady, my love,
How can I again see you?"
"Remember how knowledge led you to love,
Hold fast to that, & you'll see me."

"But you're no longer a girl, my love,
Rosy as dawn & eyes shining."
"We all grow up, old man of mine,
I'm a woman now, eyes shining."


        Darko R. SUVIN-