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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack

Your Doctor's Bill is Ready for my View

He's put you in a clinic
the one in Massachusetts
the one for anorexia

result of your drinking
or heroin
or was it an overdose of Vitamin B
it's all so confusing

He called at 2am
I can usually tell when he's drunk
the slurred words the Sinatra songs
used to make me so wet

He asked me for money
said it's all in the family, really

If he wasn't drunk it's worrisome
told me when his ship comes in
he's going to learn to sail and just drift

away Did he ever take you under Goose Neck Bridge
in his Boston Whaler drink tequila
wait for the tug The wake

made me vomit into the same pail
with the shitting and dying fluke
He called it a Day of Death

You helped him find Jesus
poor Jesus
is mazel tov in order

He's a vegetarian now
another one of your conversions
I still enjoy meat assured that I am
a lobster on the cosmic plate

Tuesday night he was trawling off the dock
Four Roses and a pea coat
now His Holiness throws back his catch

        Vicki Iorio


They found another hand in Hempstead Lake Park
African American
how do they know it is African or American

It is a well cared for woman's hand
gold wedding band
perfect coral manicure

They found a Caucasian hand
out on the island
blonde soft down

This one might be a tourist's
hue and cry in the Hamptons
Dan's Papers does an expose

On the Seaford Oyster Bay
an abandoned Hyundai
holds hostage a trunk full of body parts

My mother reads aloud the Newsday article
as my stomach turns my morning coffee
she loves the Nassau County cops

Calls them her boys
my boys will find who's doing this mischief
a little more than mischief ma

Not like the neighborhood boys
who stole my sister's bra off the clothesline
I always blame the husband

My mother blames everyone but herself
loves a good story of loss
wraps the Newsday around her
holds on to her body parts

        Vicki Iorio

The Danger

In this American dangle
this undocumented chad
this penis peninsula
the Homeless in black and bee keeper's helmets
steer baby carriages into the the lizard grass looking for sweet Melissa

In the heat of no escape
bullets problem solve
remember the smell of cap guns?
that addictive puff of sulphide and potassium
that miasma Southern hard on

I have an anchor around my neck
an anchor as big as Anchorage
I lick your icy map
soul kiss your interior
a rope tightens around my Eve's apple
when she pulls it tighter this hot world becomes
a pinprick of light

This Google world is zoned twilight
I earthquake black hole disappear
I did not know that nighttime frog static was a love call

My cuntheart on the cold moon
sends me sweatered missives about her rainy July
I am outside the diagram of Venn and need
to auto correct, to mind the gap
to find a home in the fatal error

         Vicki Iorio