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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack


I am aware of every wrinkle. Line.
Aware of the etchy thick roadway lines.
The writers face
The eating face
The eating more cookies face.

I am older- gone is the smooth clear unlined derma.
My poetic face.
My I am in  the kitchen face.
The television is on face.
I am writing face.
Gone shopping face.
Leave me alone face.
& this is where all the damnable etchy thick
wrinkly lines in my face come from!!
My face is a face off of another version of what
I could look like.
Smearing, adding on, blending in lotions & anti-
everything on my face does not appeal.
I want my face back.
I want my face unwrinkled & ironed clean.

                            Teresa Costa


Between worlds
Between the stars
Between the sheets
Between the cars
Between two lovers
Between the curve
Between two people
In between classes
Between the legs of a spider
Between burning bridges
Between the years
Between the eyes
Directly between two piles of feathers
Between two full moons
Between you & I.
                            Teresa Costa


11:57  pm -  Cinderella struts her stuff, trips on third step down
breaking heel of glass slipper.
11:59  pm - Cinderella rushes to her magical chariot, quickly winds up mechanical mice.
12:02 am -  Cinderella is seen thumbing a ride in a tattered dishrag, as blood streams
                   down her arm, as she holds a broken glass slipper.
Next Day: Prince Charming finds 2 dozen mechanical wind up mice floating in his moat.
Later That Day: Fairy Godmother sends bill to Cinderella for destruction of mice.

                            Teresa Costa
                           (written after over-dosing on 6 books of fairy tales.)