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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack

German Tourism 1940, Krakow

from a photograph at the Schindler Museum

Caught at their leisure
strolling through town, they
have spotted a Jew
venturing out. One
soldier has brought his
scissors. Passersby
are paused to watch. He
is standing still, arms
by his sides, looking
into winter gray
air in his black hat,
black coat – the young man
snipping the sidelocks
carefully gathered,
in his concentration
war, the world, briefly
gone. His friends smile
at the camera,
a forgotten hand
resting on a sleeve.


Burt Kimmelman__

Castrated Bulls

                  In the south of Holland thirty years ago I saw castrated bulls on the top of a hill. Each with the
saddest of eyes. One then another would start a charge. Three, four steps down the hill and then they would
                  Sometimes I gather myself, gather myself. A faint memory of an emotion, a faint sense of who I
once was. Three quick steps. And I stop. I feel the most horrible sadness in my eyes.

                            Robert Roth __