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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack


Yo-yo vendor gives up
gets off at next stop
no one can beat
the A train preacher yelling
the rush hour down:
I'm here to make the blind see
break the walls of Jericho
cleanse the leopard

Cleansing the leper
is not a miracle anymore
the secret of penicillin is out
but the leopard and its spots
not even a dry cleaner can do that

Subway preacher rants on:
god gave you a choice
the choice is yours

Like the yo-yo man
I can't take the yelling any more
I make my choice and get off the A train
to get on the next A train
hoping it's free of leopard cleaners
and yo-yo vendors

My prayer for the next train
just a quiet ride lord, just a quiet ride
a silent amen on the A train
taking me home
         David Gershator


My poet friend thinks I drink
because he does
thou dost protest too much
says he
badgering me to go
to AA with him so I think
I'll check out his scene

When I walk in
it's a thick cloud chamber
and getting thicker
everyone's smoking
and I don't smoke
everyone's confessing
and I don't have much to confess

I'm a non smoking
fruit juice drinking
total teetotaler
if I have to admit
to some pedigreed vice
I won't deny a loopy one
and that's this loser's game
called poetry
i.e., chasing the skirt of the Muse

If that's not a vice in America
or anywhere
I don't know what is
         David Gershator

after Paul Bowles

I'm in Morocco
a country I've never visited
out of fear for my tongue

the tongue is the body part
I don't want to lose
to any mute who wants his tongue back

there's no way to say what's missing
no one knows my language
I need to put it in writing
for a fortune teller's mynah bird
in Marrakesh

soon the new moon
will signal the start of Ramadan
and I'll look up at it
speechless in Arabic

         David Gershator__


Kiss my muse the cop says
pushing a corpse into my arms

kiss my muse the artist says
dropping a mannequin into my lap

kiss my muse the doctor says
releasing a skeleton in my bed

kiss my muse the computer man says
shoving an apple into my mouth

it could have been worse
a monkey wrench lin my brain
a keyboard in my skull
a rattler in my boots

kiss my muse the dentist says
driving a needle into my wisdoms

there are so many bad kissers out there

         David Gershator__