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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack

Sunny Lots

I've grown older
and wary of the sales pitch.
The Doctrine. The old time TV
selling catheters and long term care.
Cardiac stabilizers and sunny lots.
C Factors and urine flow and
vaginas that leak when you laugh.
Like it's a joke or something
for baring a bit of neighborly bile.
Some little tumor
they have a pill for. A potion for.
Proportioned individually
seven days a week. Helps hearing
but not hair growth. And, in the rare occurrence
of a four hour erection, you could possibly
lose your mind.

         Mike Jurkovic__

Like Watching Gidget Go Astray

America's movie
runs too long
w/o intermission.
Miscast and over budget.
A loosely scripted, noir tangle
w/an adorable heroine
the crowd cheers on.

Quirky. Cute. A boyish do
in Sixties' clothing w/a belligerent streak
she's nurtured since Vinegar Hill
keeping the pot on boil.

It's not a thriller, per se
nor fairy tale. Nor is it parody
for parody's sake.
It's like watching Gidget
go astray: Come home.
Turn color. Run for office.
Stab her husband
w/a corkscrew. Plead sincerely
then write a book.
It's like watching ants cluster
and go to war. Go to war.
Like watching ants cluster
and go to war.
         Mike Jurkovic

One Body

It's amusing the noise
the living make.

Listen the next time
a friend says he's done.
No more. All gone.
It isn't fair to Mary.

An airless silence. Then,
as if to sanitize the crime scene,
a broad exhale
sweeps across extinction.
Those three feet, maybe four
that serrate life and death.

They give you other options
but morphine's best.
One body making abrasive rasps
like the IRT brawling into Fulton,
clashing, blurring, fading to steam

         Mike Jurkovic__

Fire Dog

You can't shit on my head
from five floors up
and say the wind shifted.
It's not right
and you know it.
I don't care how many
mental disorders
ravage your family
like Fleet Week.

I don't shit on your head
and you don't shit on mine.
I don't nail your wife
and you, ya fuck
don't bone mine.
And only one of the
bad finger puppets
who purloin this town
w/gravity could fuck it up.

I'm not usually the one
who expects the kid
next to me
to start shooting,
but I'm learning to live
w/ the doubt
and arming myself
just in case.

         Mike Jurkovic__