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The Blog Bog

The Mag Rack


Bombs bursting in air.

Of course.

Why not?
Still, who is here who is not glad to be here?

There's the old countries.

See your bride blown up on your visit to Sicily.
In auld Erin you're too fast and they're too slow
And you're just another Yank.
My land is the Ukraine. How's that
For a laugh.

We got out around the time of the
Kishinev progrom, and a little before the Beilis trial.

There's Israel, our mythic homeland.
Always powerful.

God met us there.
A friend of mine said once,
"I love America, but Israel's home."
That's how he felt. I respect that.

           Donald Lev   7/14 __


Soccer both screens?
Might be anywhere in the world!

I have mourned European colonialism,
The typewriter, and the Cold War.

Is it too early to mourn
American Exceptionalism?

           Donald Lev    7/14__



           It is uncanny
           And not a little alarming
           To notice how similar in spirit
           We are, or were, or are:
           Both of us truants,
           Late risers,
           Both of us preferring
           Our own ideas about things
           To things.

           Neither of us should ever have been trusted
           With a country to govern.

                      Donald Lev   7/14__


Did I ever tell you about the time
I woke up and found myself on this funny boat
In the middle of the ocean
And this big party was going on
Girls in exotic costumes
Lots of booze, animals, and Roman soldiers
It was pre code Cecile B. DeMille and I
Found myself on a couch between Fred MacMurray and
Claudette Colbert, and it was my job to introduce them
But I'd forgotten their names.
Meanwhile, the code took effect so everyone
Put their clothes on and Fred and Claudette
Introduced themselves.

                       Donald Lev   7/14__