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One for Shepp ( 1980 )

           Shepp screams sweetly into the nite
    summer '65 
some new thing @ Newport  in the rain
some new pain jolting the brain
                           bones moan
    hungry angry shivers wobble the minds of the weak                  
it's recorded testament now 
                as rain & shadows chase the cat that 
                         eyes the sparrows
       hanging like leaves from the leafless tree
               cold ghost eyes staring thru these little birds
                       @ some spot beyond even the sky 
         meditative eyes that watch the scene 
                so blankly
                                   thru cobwebs on the window
                        & thistles on the fence

Shepp screams calmly for the dying ones
  who sped junk sick and beaten  black/blue
        to their private corners   rotting 
              on rooftops   engraved into hallways
                       bottoms always bottoms
        moaning "call me by my rightful name"
            to the shining white symbols of light
                     who spit silver onto their corpses
   corpses that dream the frozen golden dream
            while passing borrowed & unnoticed into forever
                           fingers snapping snapped necks coughing chocolate

       into the wind

                                   go out on this nite  
                    wrap yourself in fire 
          make your cry heard
                                               you a gypsy
                       only wanting space  in this overcrowded barren Room
                              where even life marks time
                 unnoticed like cats        & birds   in trees.

  steve dlchinsky