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Van Gogh’s Field
~suggested by “Wheatfield with Crows”

Crows caw and careen
above a field crazy with stalks,
wildness and impending rain,
a seething plot of land
passionate with the tragedy
of an impassable road.

My sister driving on an overpass
while being caught in a storm,
her normally steady psyche
alarmed by sudden skidding:
her car doing insane circles
till it stops, its tires an inch from
the dangerous asphalt rim,
on the verge of plunging
onto the highway below.

But Van Gogh doesn’t escape
a stumble into the abyss---
crows lunging in zigzag fury--
nor does he avoid the episode
of his cut-off ear oozing blood
thick as a torrent of splattered paint.
The lane before him swerves,
shoots off on a diagonal
overgrown by predatory plants
oppressed in a swirl of wind.
The road morphs into confusion
hovered over by dark-blue sky
smudged and dirtied with doom.

  Austin Alexis