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The Brick

If it is The Brick nobody seems to care.
Everybody on their way to all the places.
On the other hand they might care an awful lot
but having never seen The Brick don’t know it’s there—
off the sidewalk one day, out the jet window the next
and all locations The Brick might be if only it could be known.

The answer is beyond the town
where somebody is slopping mud into an oven.
But because the town runs on something
nobody ever leaves. Nobody wants to be the one
who ruins everything—

think of it—everyone piling things into the square,
and the smoke. The music going sour. Photographs spoiled.
Better to keep moving here to there and back
generating the juice to keep things going.
And while they all need The Brick
none are interested in seeing it

because what if it wasn’t The Brick?
Suddenly everyone having to deal with
no Brick.
What would they do?
Where would they go?

  Lenny DellaRocca