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107 various boxes of incense
The homey aroma of fresh baked pizza
Topped of plastic cheese and cheapo toppings
-the kind which gives off acid indigestion--
The challenging odors of movie house popcorn
topped with post apocalyptic grunge rock jazz
blending into Mall Muzak!!!
      -- Kills the appetite!!
In the store we sell incense to make you
believe in yourself or force upon others
                Money & Murder
Buying cheap ass incense to kill ex-lovers,
win big Lotto, taunt your neighbors, haunt
innocent animals.
Call Money/ Dream of Fairies/Attraction/ Witch Hunt//
New House/ Baby Jesus and Kill The Ex- Lovers.
The titles on boxes with instructional use are by far as destruction can follow.
107 varieties made from the cheapest shit on Earth!
All for the Love of POWER!!

  Teresa Costa